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The Croton Watch Brand Is Timeless

The Croton watch company has always been about keeping it simple. There watches are timeless pieces that shine with elegance and stunning craftsmanship. The company is ran like a family affair, which it is and has been since 1878. The Croton watch company has never, and will never buy into the idea that because a brand is well recognized they can inflate their prices to make an extravagant profit.

They keep their pricing simple and keep turning out the exceptional watches they are well known for. The Croton watch company is ran by the same family who started it. The strong family values and work ethic has been passed from generation to generation to make this a strong company producing some of the world's greatest watches. The attention to detail in Croton watches is part of what makes them such wonderful watches. Every thing is scrutinized before a watch is put on the market, from accuracy to finish. The passion and drive to create high quality timepieces has never left this family business.

From Croton's men's watch line is the Chronomaster Chronograph watch. This watch has an overall professional look to it that's great for business or casual wear. It features a 60 second, 60 minute and 12 hour sub dials. The date is positioned at the 3 o'clock position.

It has a brown leather band that compliments the silver dial and gold accents. From the Croton ladies line is a beautiful piece that looks like a fancy bracelet the Crescent Quartz mother of pearl bangle. This watch features a mother of pearl dial and a crystal lined bracelet with an accent stone at the end. This is a truly stunning watch that would look lovely with an elegant dress. The crescent bangle bracelet has a silver tone and sparkles beautifully.

It is a stunning watch with the look of a fine piece of jewelry. Another piece from the Croton ladies collection is a more functional piece than the Crescent bangle watch described above. The ladies tank watch features 6 interchangeable ostrich straps in bold colors. This watch features a mother of pearl dial with silver markings. It is great for casual or business wear. It is more sporty or casual looking than the crescent bracelet watch which makes it more for everyday wear than special occasion wear.

These watches go to prove the simple, yet stunning style of watches form the Croton watch company. The family owned business will continue to provide upstanding quality and finely crafted watches through many more generations to come. As the company continues to be passed down through the family, so do the Croton watches that seem to be as long lasting as the company itself.

Dustin Cannon is owner of and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about closeouts and wholesale watches Dustin recommends you visit:

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