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Art Exhibitions - How To Hold Your Own Exhibition

If you have been painting for some time, and you feel that you are ready to make the step from amateur to professional status, then congratulations, you are about to enter a most exciting time of your life. Holding your own art exhibition is really wonderful, if not daunting feeling as all of your work to date can be exhibited for all to see. It is a culmination of a long artistic journey as in order to exhibit, you must feel confident of your own abilities.

* First, find the gallery where you can exhibit. Be warned there can be a very long waiting list before you finally get your paintings to adorn the walls. Collate every unframed work that you have done and build your portfolio as you will need to take this when you are arranging a showing date with the gallery in question. Provided they are happy with the standard of your work, you will then need to start planning the contents of your art exhibition and producing more work.

* Check you have enough work to display in the Gallery. There is nothing worse than finding that your pictures are too small or look too insignificant whilst on display.

* Some artists like to have a theme and will include their most saleable work in the hopes of recouping the costs of the exhibition, others will produce work which may have a shock - ability factor and get exposure from the local press who may wish to run a story.

* How much exposure the exhibition gets is up to you. Whilst the gallery may advertise the event locally, ideally, you should not just rely on their marketing to get people to your event. Advertising in the local press will get people along for viewing as will do leaflet drops. If you can tie in a story along with your exhibition i.e. some human interest angle, this may do a lot to increase the volumes of visitors.

* It is always worth checking out other exhibitions to look at painting prices, styles and frames etc. Make a note as to what is selling and then take a look at your own work. Are your paintings commercial?

* Frame your paintings and organise a bio with a picture if possible. You may as well create some publicity for yourself for future exhibitions. Leaving business cards and brochures is also advisable. Most of all enjoy the whole process and arrange other viewing so that people do get to know your name. An art exhibition is your way of reaching out to the masses so that your art becomes well known, reviewed and respected. What if I teach you how to get started with drawing and painting with great ease following simple steps? Follow these steps for your perfect creativity flow.

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