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The Baby Shower And The Scrapbook

A baby shower is often a very memorable part of the baby experience. It doesn't matter if it's the first baby or the third. One way of making a very special gift for the new mom is to plan a baby shower that has a scrapbook theme. Most moms-to-be would love to have a scrapbook for the new baby and there are ways that this can be given as a gift at the shower. A scrapbook can be purchased and given to the guest of honor as one of the shower gifts.

If the mom has never scrap booked you can give a scrapbook kit. There are scrapbook kits designed for babies that have everything needed within the kit. You could also give the mom a baby scrapbook and the supplies to do the scrap booking herself. Any scrap booking store will have all kinds of scrapbooks, baby themed papers and embellishments. Many women already scrap and have some of the supplies needed.

If not you can choose adhesives, buttons, eyelets, ribbons and stickers to go along with the scrapbooks. Other people may want to go in with you on the purchase and you will be able to have a fantastic scrap booking gift. You could include a magazine or book on scrap booking. There are also books and magazines that focus on scrap booking for babies and toddlers. These are good sources of creative information and come in handy for the novice scrapper as well as the more experienced one.

If this will be a group gift you may want to purchase a camera to go with the scrapbook. This way the mom-to-be will be all set to take pictures of the new baby and scrapbook them. Another excellent group gift for the mom-to-be who loves to scrap would be a weekend at a scrap booking convention. There are also places that scrap bookers can go for a night or two and enjoy a scrap booking retreat. These retreat centers are located all over the United States and function like a bed and breakfast with the extra attraction of being set up especially for scrap bookers. Imagine how delighted the new mom will be to find out she will be able to go away for a weekend to scrap and relax! You may know that the new mom is going to be really busy and would love to have a scrapbook but will not be able to keep it up for the first several months.

This is another area that can become a wonderful and most appreciated gift. As part of your gift you may offer to scrap the first six months for the new mom. Don't forget to take pictures at the shower for the scrapbook.

This will be a great way to start the scrapbook.

Huzaili Aris is the webmaster of For more gift ideas that the mom-to-be would absolutely adore, visit our baby shower gift ideas section at

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