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Reasons Why You Cant Find or Keep a Woman Reason

#1 YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR ACT TOGETHER! “I just don’t like it when they don’t have their stuff together. All I want is for you to have what I have, and that isn’t too much— a car, a decent job, a decent home or an apartment. Not living with your grandmother or aunt and catching the bus everywhere at the age of 33! If we go out on a date, we can go Dutch. That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when I have to come and pick you up.

That is such a turn off for me. How are you going to be 33 years old and not have a car? Then, when I do pick you up, you don’t even offer gas money! That is such a turn off for me. Having a means of transportation is a basic thing that I shouldn’t even have to discuss. We are both full grown adults— come on now!” -Young Widower “Don’t ever put yourself out there to be in a relationship if you can’t take care of yourself.

You need to be prepared to give in some way— emotionally, spiritually, mentally… something! At least have something to fall back on in case you get laid off from work. To not have a plan is just irresponsible.” -Single “I just wish that men knew how to dress and take care of themselves.

They don’t want to go to the doctor for regular checkups. They don’t want to get their teeth whitened. They don’t want to keep their nails together. I think they think it is not macho to do those things. This is a new age. Guys do this stuff now.

Take care of your skin. Keep it smooth and soft in the right places. Smell good. Invest in some nice cologne. Buy a few nice shirts to wear out. You don’t have to wear suits everyday, but have some kind of a variety to your wardrobe.

” -Retail Clerk “Some of these men need to get their acts together. I am also talking to the ones that have a good job, and make a lot of money, but still stay broke and have no future because they blow all of their money away on partying, drugs, women, cars, or whatever. They are just as irresponsible as the ones making less money. Invest in your future! Get some stock options. Put the maximum amount allowed in your 401k.

Keep some money in your savings account for a rainy day. Buy a couple of houses if you can and plan for your future! Just because a man may pull up in a Navigator does not impress me. Show me your diversified funds. Show me your retirement plan. Show me some saving bonds or something. You know what I’m saying?” -Young Entrepreneur “When you have a job with benefits, it allows me to believe that you are a responsible person and care about yourself and your future.

I want to be with someone that can take care of me if I lost my job. Can you support me and my two daughters if I got laid off? I am not saying this to sound like a gold digger, but I have struggled long enough in my life, and I work very hard to support my girls, but if I should fall on hard times, I want to be with someone that is solution oriented— someone that can pick up where I left off and take care of the family.” -Single Parent “It’s hard finding someone that is truly committed to God, and has the desire to lead his family to heaven. I get approached by a lot of guys, but I have no real interest in them because once I start talking about my relationship with God, they try to act as if they are into reading their bible or whatever, and I quickly find out that they are just playing games.

If he is not serious about loving God, I am not serious about being with him. I believe the only way a man can truly love me is if he knows about the love God truly has for him.” -Christian Single Z's Thoughts: Many of the women I spoke with said that a man doesn’t have to be a doctor, lawyer, or make six figures to impress them.

They said as long as he is working in a job that allows him to take care of himself, or his responsibilities, that is fine. Oh… they also said he must have benefits. So, if you are working at a company and you don’t even get health insurance, you might want to try finding another job. The women seem to be pretty turned off by men that can’t get a regular check up. Guys— what do you think about the comment from the Christian Single? This is love talking….

Zenja Glass is a VP and Author of 25 Reasons Why You Can't Find or Keep a Woman! Unedited Interviews and Quotes from 125 Single Women AND 25 Reasons Why You Can't Find or Keep a Man! Unedited Interviews and Quotes from 125 Single Men. A favorite among singles and married couples!

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