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Modern Works of Art

by Florie Lyn Masarate

When Michaelangelo hand-painted the Sistine chapel, he did not have any idea that one day, the painting that took him years to make, can be made in a matter of hours, maybe days. With just a simple push of the buttons, a few shove at the mouse and a vivid and wide imagination. And of course, not to mention, the use of highly-modernized machines and gadgetries. If only he had known that one day, machines will be able to do things that human can, then maybe, he would just had sat there and let it do his paintings.

But then again, we would not have pioneers of these modern machines if not for the past creations that have inspired them. Their works served as the solid foundation for what people are capable today.

Graphics designs of the future may have originated from the earliest works of the past. Who would have thought that putting art works in designs would attract more attention than those with none? Graphics made use of artists touch to be able to put ideas into prints. They are the one who thought of the concepts that are put into action with the help of machines that make their tasks a lot easier and faster. Things that were once thought to be impossible are made possible, which makes one wonder about the limitations of human minds.

If artists in the past had only known what machines can do today, then they would not have spent too much time thinking of how they can put their thoughts into print or picture. They would not have exhausted their talents into something that are likely to be lost once they no longer exist. They would have envied the people of today that are being spoon-fed by technologies that are easily accessible to them.

When prints were just symbols, people tried deciphering them to get its significance. Soon it was put into plain writing. Understanding them would mean having to go through its contents first and later figuring its meaning. With the innovation of pictures put into prints, people just have to look at the graphics and they would know even without reading the writing what it is about.

With graphics design having its place in the present world today, people are now assured of work of arts that are easily accessible and reliable. Everyone can become modern Michaelangelos without having to climb up stairs and use a paintbrush.

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About the Author

The author got her flair for reading when she subscribed to the school newsletter when she was just in kindergarten. She got her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

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