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Internet Business and Christmas

Alas, the very pleasant worries are about to start haunting our brains - Christmas gifts for our nearest and dearest. However, the thing that brings pleasure to one person forces another person work harder. Like wise people say knowing what you are doing and experience will give you a chance to grab your section of the market. So, what can the shops expect from this year's Cristmas time? Though, Internet becomes a more necessary part of our mundane life, the main shopping floods will take place in offline supermarkets, that is caused by a number of reasons we will discuss below. Shops can aspire for up to 470-480 mlrd dollars sells in November-December, and online shopping may aspire for about seven percent of that sum, that constitutes up to 30 mlrd usd. Within the two months of booming sells the hardest days with highest amounts are November 24th, Dec.

13th and 23d. Get prepared for these days , get prepared your employees and get prepared your shops for them. Shops will be boarded by seventy percent of buyers, while the other thirty are more prudent and made presents purchases in October or even September. What stuff will be popular on Cristmas? Our specialists know the answer to that. Jewelry will be most demanded (23-25 percent), electronics, watches and clocks, tickets to fashion evenings and toys.

For online shopping it would be good to know that most online shopping is made from offices, not from home computers. That's the reason to give more attention to day time visitors rather than nighttime visitors. As well, try to eliminate the essential flaw of online shopping - the impossibility of viewing the goods from all sides. Nevertheless, don't forget that online sells have their pluses - your site works 24/7, no tired shop personnel, anonimity is the most essential thing with some products. When it comes to no queus and no rushing is a outstanding advantage. Try to use all your strong points fully.

Make available more photos from different sides, describe technical data in more detailed way, use video and audio files. Let's summarize how should the owner act not to allow the watch online shop miss this year's season. 1. Give additional money for web ads during these months.

2. Run a test of your portal to be sure in its 24 hr functionality and possibilities enough to manage huge number of shoppers. 3. Take away everything that could distract from shopping.

4. get online customer care, even if just for day shift, so that a client could communicate to someone online. 5. Make an announcement about temporary discounts for Christmas. 6. Go through all photos and delete those of bad quality and take new ones from other angles.

7. Film a couple of videos, so that a client could study the product from all angles. 8. Guarantee quick shipping. And at last, but not least, value each buyer, because the average amount he's going to pay on Christmas shopping is 730-750 usd.

Brenda Foxworth is a researcher in Internet marketing and writer of many articles on Online Shopping. For more information come to our site. Brenda Foxworth is a successful writer on the subject of Online Shopping for various business magazines. For more information browse our site.

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