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Elegant Wedding Favors For All Seasons

You have a unique personality and so it can be with the wedding favors you choose. If you are planning an elegant wedding why not offer elegant wedding favors that match your theme and wedding colors as well. Favors at your wedding are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests for taking their time to share in your special day.

You can create a lasting memory of elegance regardless of the actual theme. You just need the right memento that will make the reception a perfect match to the ceremony itself. One idea is to hand out gifts based on the season of the year when you wedding is held.

If you are doing an outdoor ceremony in the spring or summer you can use mini flower pots and include a special thank you message and written by you. If you are having a fall wedding you could use autumn candles, which will really complement the season your wedding is being held. Many people choose to get married in Las Vegas and want to have an elegant theme based around the flair and excitement that Las Vegas provides. Even if this is a black tie affair can use something simple like poker themed tokens with your wedding date on them as a remembrance of your special day. You can add elegance by giving a gift that is personalized with your initials, a romantic poem, or the date and location of your wedding. Holiday votive candles with your names and the date of the big day can be very refined.

An elegant wedding favor can be personalized tins with colorful bath confetti as well. For a winter ceremony create a lasting impression by decorating your tables with Snowflake Gel Candles which is a very the epitome of elegant favors. Personalized wedding gifts to your gifts can offer you the chance to do almost anything.

You could give a garden seeds or even something simple such as a pack of candies. The elegance is all in how it is presented. Today a popular way to appreciate your guests is to give a CD that the both of you have put together with music you love. Graphics can be created with elegant look to this CD package.

You can personalize it by adding your picture, wedding date, or a favorite saying. Another excellent way to remember your big day is to give a DVD of the events of that as a gift. These can be put together during the reception or even sent at a later date to all who attended. If your budget is tight, edible treats like personalized tea packets or coffee. You can buy stylish gift bags or mini brocade boxes that will hold inexpensive mints or chocolates for your guests. One way to stay within a budget is to do some pre-wedding planning and shop in advance for specials on favors that fit the wedding theme you are going for.

When looking for elegant wedding favors you can come up with all kinds of ideas and find gorgeous keepsakes on any budget for any style of wedding.

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