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Bruising Around the Block

Albert is a 21 year old party goer. He loves to attend parties and meet new people. The parties he attend range from simple house parties to large holiday parties. This weekend he is planning on attending a celebration of a famous Spanish holiday. He cannot stop thinking about all the fun he is going to have.

He is especially thinking about all the girls he is going to meet. The weekend finally came. Albert got a good nights sleep and headed for the party location on Saturday morning.

When he arrived, the party was in full swing. It was a block party. A whole section of the neighborhood was closed off for the activities. There was a live band, plenty of places to get food, and even a place to buy beer.

Albert decided not to drink alcohol, since he would have to drive back. He thought, man this is going to be great. He strolled around and said hello to a few people.

He looked around for some people his own age to spend the evening with. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. At that moment, a beautiful young lady walked toward him.

She seemed to be alone. Albert said hello. They started talking and before he knew it, they were walking through the party together. They stopped at different places and took part in some of the activities. Things were going great.

Albert was having a fantastic time. The young lady was from the nearby town, so she showed him some of the local customs. One custom involved holding hands.

It was a way of showing divine friendship. The couple held hands and continued walking on the grounds. After walking for a while, they stopped to get a soda. Out of the corner of his eye, Albert saw a big guy moving through the crowd annoying everyone.

He seemed to be speaking Spanish. Albert heard him in the distance. It sounded like he was looking for someone.

He came closer to them. Then he stopped. He looked at the girl with Albert and started yelling at her. He grabbed her by the arm and tried to pull her away. Albert saw all this and tried to help the girl. The guy turned around and punched Albert in the stomach.

He went to his knees. The girl rushed over to see if Albert was all right. The guy kept yelling something in Spanish. While the girl was helping Albert, he told her to call the police. She said I cannot. Albert said why? She said, because this is my father.

He is extremely protective of me. He must have saw us holding hands and thought you were trying to take advantage of me. The girl explained everything to her father in Spanish. He was still upset, but he moved on through the crowd.

Albert rose to his feet. He could not continue at the party because he felt a sharp pain in his side. He decided to go to the local hospital and get it checked. It turns out that his ribs were bruised.

You could find yourself in a volatile situation at anytime. You must be prepared to defend yourself if attacked. Things that are innocent may appear otherwise to protective guardians.

They may not always take the time to get the facts. They may become aggressive. If things get out of control notify the authorities. Also, you can counter their attack with a good defensive strategy.

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