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Before You Select Your Promotional Beer Mugs

Before you order promotional beer mugs, you should have an idea of why beer mugs differ in their styling. While style preferences of the beer mugs do play a part, there are also other reasons as to why beer mugs are available in so many various designs. Some styles of beer mugs enhance the aromatic volatiles, others showcase the appearance, and yet others affect the beer head. Stemmed beer glasses prevent the warmth of the drinker's hands from warming the beer. Tall and Tapered Tall beer glasses that are narrow at the bottom and slightly wider at the top, typically allow room for the beer head at the top. The thick foamy beer head traps the aromas and is good to look at.

The tapering can be smooth as in many of the popular beer mugs, or curved as in a wheat beer mug. The pint glass used to serve beers like stout is also tapered, but wider and shorter. A Beer Mug Against the Plague The German beer stein that usually comes with a hinged lid and thumb lift got its lid during the Plague. The lid prevented diseased flies from getting into the beer.

The beer stein can be made of pewter, silver, wood, porcelain, earthenware or glass. Stemmed Beer Glasses Stemmed beer glasses such as goblets, flute glasses and chalices prevent the heat of the drinker's hands from affecting the drink. Such glasses are used for some kinds of beer. Snifters for Sniffing Snifters with a short stem, broad bottom and narrower top help trap the aromas. By swirling the contents, the aroma can be enhanced. Snifters are used for aromatic beers such as India pale ales.

Beer Mugs as Promotional Items Beer is a widely enjoyed drink, and even has a cult following with some beer drinkers spurning other drinks, including wines. Naturally, a promotional beer mug can create a strong and favourable impression among this group. We look at just a couple of the promotional beer mugs available.

  • Tulip Pint Glass: This glass is a very popular design and is a firm favourite in the beer market.
  • GLASS TANKARD: With a heavy bottom and a strong handle. This is a well-designed glass tankard and will produce a strong appeal with beer drinkers.
The above list is just a hint as to some great possibilities of beer mug choice. You can find all kinds of promotional beer mugs in the market, including the varieties we discussed in the last section, and from budget to premium models.

The advantage of a beer mug is that it is not likely to be stored away for long. Instead, it is likely to be used regularly and your striking and vivid promotional message will promote your business to the beer drinker.

About Author:
Kim Bellars Director of Award Promotional Mugs writes about promotional beer mugs click for more details.

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