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A Series of One on One Interviews with Russian Ukrainian Ladies Nordm Svetlana

They are possibly the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet, but sadly there is now distrust with both the men that find these ladies so attractive and the ladies of the FSU, in particular The Ukraine. This is a great pity and we believe largely due to misunderstanding, or failures of communication. What do these ladies think? What is their point of view and how do they see the West, or the men that are so attracted to them? It is hoped that this series of articles can help break down these suspicions and doubts and help create trust and understanding. This ongoing series of interviews should be of particular interest for the man that seeks a Ukrainian, Russian Bride, or partner.

Question. Hello, Svetlana. Thank you for agreeing to this interview Answer. Hello.

It's pleasure for me. Question. You are a very beautiful young lady; it is difficult to believe you have any problem Attracting the attention of men? Answer. I have no problems with attracting attention, but, I have a rule - the more you communicate with people, the better it is for you.

So I am here to communicate. Question. When did you decide to register to an international dating agency? Answer. I decided to search new people for communication. I know for sure that if you see people, communicate with them, you have more chances to find the person you can fall in love with. Question.

Was it something you did spontaneously, or did you consider this cautiously? Answer. I thought for a while before taking this action, so it was a very important step for me. Question. Was it an easy decision to take, seeking your soul mate internationally? Answer. It's easy to answer this question - I like adventures. You know, it's so funny - to communicate with somebody who speaks different language, has other ideas about life.

It's great and as I have already said, I like new experiences, so, why not? Maybe I will find somebody. Maybe I will even fall in love. I am looking for Love in this life.

Otherwise its worthless. Question. Many ladies in The Ukraine are very suspicious, or even frightened of seeking a man from the West. Do you also have some fears? Answer. I think all of us have fears. It's natural.

If the person doesn't fear anything it is strange, isn't it? Of course I know about bad incidents that happened to women who wanted to find their soul mates abroad, but I think they were rather exceptions to the rule. You know we have a proverb - the person who is scared of his shadow can't see other people. So what? I want to live, to enjoy this life, it's every moment. Will I enjoy it if I am afraid of everything? I guess, not. Question. Do you know that many western men are very mistrustful, or doubtful of finding A genuine and sincere Ukraine lady? Have you you heard these stories? Answer.

I can't agree with this point of view. I heard a lot of good opinions about Ukrainian women. Usually western men like Ukrainian women. I can tell you why. We are beautiful, kind, caring. We cook tasty meals, take care about our partners and children.

And, what is more - we are not career oriented!!! The most important thing for each Ukrainian woman is family. For me also well and I can't understand how any western man could have ever said a bad thing. Maybe these western men had bad experiences, thats why they don't believe. Question. Please tell me; from the point of view of a Ukrainian Lady do you think you can Find a loving, caring and respectful man from a foreign country? Answer.

I think everything is possible. Many Americans and Europeans come every year to Ukraine. I think some of them find their soul mates, some not. It depends on the person, circumstances, destiny.

You know many factors matter. Question. Have you personally heard of some very frightening stories? Of terrible things Happening to Ukraine ladies, on moving to a foreign country? Answer.

Our television broadcast many horror films. But it doesn't mean that you should be afraid of everything. I don't know of people who experienced this, but I heard a lot. Question.

But you are willing to try anyway? Answer. Yes, I like adventures. Question. You are an exceptionally beautiful lady. As a model, do you feel that you have a Greater possibility of success outside of Ukraine? Answer. I don't think that it's only beauty that will have success.

Beauty is like a flower. It fades one day. But there are many other qualities that are important in each personality. For example, I want to develop myself in many directions. Question.

For me The Ukraine is a enigma, very beautiful, many very educated and Intelligent people, it seems to have so much potential and yet life seems very hard. Is it getting better? Do you feel life is improving within the Ukraine? Answer. Yes. Life is improving step by step.

But not many people believe. Question. Why do you think are so popular with men from around the world? Answer. Women are women anyway. They strive for happiness.

Question. What do you know of life outside of The Ukraine? Have you informed yourself in any way as to the way of life in any foreign countries? Answer. Yes, I know how life is going outside Ukraine. I can see it in the movies and TV programs. We live in the modern society, not in the middle ages.

Of course I am very well informed. Question. Do you have any favorite destination, any country that you hope to find your man from? Answer. For me it's the man, not the place that matters.

Of course I dream about such romantic counties as France, Italy, or Spain. But it doesn't matter indeed. Question. Which comes first in your considerations, your decision making in finding your other half? The country or the man? Answer. The man of course.

Question. What is the first thing that you look at in a man's profile? His photo, personality type, age etc? Answer. I look carefully about all things.

I think that it's very important to see a photo. You know whom are you communicating with. Question. Why do you think so many ladies are interested in finding a man from another country? Please give me your opinion.

Answer. You know, every woman grew up with a silly fairy-tale about Cinderella in her mind. That's why we are looking for our prince. And if we can't find them around us, we are looking in other countries.

It's natural. Question. Ok, you have found your other half and he has found you, do you think it will be easy or difficult starting your new life in a foreign country? Answer. Life can be easy. Especially if it is shared by two people who want to live it together. I think people should be sincere with each other.

Question. Thank you for your honesty and openness. We wish you every success and Happiness and as the agency entrusted by you, we will be with you every step of the Way. Well actually until you tell us you do not need us anymore.

Answer. Yes, I would be very grateful to you. I like your agency and want to meet a soul mate through you. Question. May we include your photo within this interview? Answer. Yes.

Certainly! Maybe a nice guy will read it and think, oh, she seems smart. I will be happy to have my photo published here. A continuing series of interviews aimed at helping to break down the barriers of mistrust and suspicion between the ladies of the FSU and the men of the world that find them so attractive.

It is hoped these interviews can help promote trust and understanding across the linguistic, cultural and historical divide.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies are undoubtably very beautiful, elegant and cultured, but how do they view life and the world beyond their borders? Any man seeking to win the heart of one of these ladies can benefit from understanding the differences of culture and values that these ladies have grown up with. Find out more at:-

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